Fun Raisen


Forget what you know about time-consuming administrative tasks when it comes to your fundraising campaign! FunRaisen has cut out all the tedious legwork normally associated with a fundraising campaign and made every step of the process as simple as a few button clicks!

Getting Started

Filling out endless forms with information you have to go digging for is a thing of the past. Regardless what type of organization you represent or what you are raising funds for, our registration process is easy to navigate and completed in a matter of minutes. On top of that, our ‘subset’ option allows you to create a campaign under a pre-existing organization to save you even more time!

Getting Going

Each campaign is completely customizable based on the organization’s wants and needs. You have the option to include or exclude specific challenges, change your goals or the duration of your campaign, invite other admins, and so much more. We even offer our pre-written templates that allow you to notify your participants that the campaign is live and encourage their activity. FunRaisen is meant to be an enjoyable experience for all those involved, and that includes you!

Getting Insights

We know you as the admin want to see what’s going on with your campaign, and that’s why we have developed the most complete and in depth software to show you any detail you could possibly imagine. Whether you are wanting to take a quick peek at the overall status of your campaign, or you’re wanting to dig into a specific challenge from an individual participant, our dashboard allows you access to everything taking place. FunRaisen’s technology is updated in real time and gives you up to the second access to all things happening in your campaign.

Getting Funds

Your campaign has ended… Now what? Sit back, kick your legs up, and relax! We handle the rest for you. No tracking down payments, no following through on commitments you’ve received, no asking and asking and asking. We handle all transactions for you, and we send the funds directly to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

A subset is best described as a smaller group within a larger organization. Subsets have all of the same options and insights available to them when it comes to creating and running campaigns but need to have the invite passkey from the admin of the organization they fall under. Some examples of subsets would be
– A single class or an entire grade within a school.
– A sports team within a league or a school.
– Any smaller group within a larger organization.

An organization is the institution, company, or corporation whereas a subset is a sect of that larger entity. For example, in the case of a high school football team raising funds; the organization would be the high school itself, and the subset would be the football team. Both organizations and subsets are able to start and run campaigns and the reason we have created these two different sign-up options is to give better clarity and more transparency in to transactions for the admin to see. In the above example of a high school football team creating a campaign, let’s assume that the high school cheer team was also raising funds at the same time. In this case, the organization is the same for both groups, but with two different subsets (the football team and the cheer team) each having their own campaign, the individual admins from each subset will have the insight for only their campaigns and the funds raised will go to the appropriate team.
No, you do not! Any group, company, organization, or team is able to raise funds on our platform to achieve their fundraising goals. Upon registration, you will be prompted to identify if the organization you are raising funds for is a recognized non-profit or not.
If you are creating a subset within an organization, you can check with the admin of your organization to see what their formation classification is. This would have already been selected by that initial admin of the organization and will not need to be input when you create a subset. As a subset of that organization, it is usually the case that you fall under that same classification, but this is not to be considered legal or tax advice and we recommend conferring with a professional to determine your non-profit status.
If you are not the original creator of the organization, you will need a passcode to join an existing organization. This 6-digit code can be provided by the initial admin of the organization and helps keep that organization’s information private and only visible to authorized representatives of the organization. Each organization, each subset, and each campaign will have their own unique passcodes to ensure that only authorized personnel have insight into the campaign. Once you have this passcode, you will have full rights as an admin to create, view, or edit any subset or campaign you would like.
If you have any further questions on this or need any assistance getting started, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.
You can include other admins as part of your organization/subset/campaign in 2 different ways. You can send them an invite directly from your dashboard via email. This email will include the passcode which allows them to join you as an admin. The second way is to simply provide them the 6-digit code (also found in your dashboard) and they can use that code upon registering from the sign up page.
Also, from the dashboard, already registered admins have the ability to join other organizations, subsets, or campaigns by clicking the ‘join or create’ link. This will also require them to enter the passcode.
If you have any further questions on this or need any assistance on joining or inviting and admin to your organization/subset/campaign, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

Once logged in, you will be able to change your information from the profile section. At the top right of your dashboard, you will see an avatar image where you can change your profile picture, contact information, login information, and more. Once you have created an account, this can be done at any point before, during, or after a campaign for your convenience.

As an admin, we know that you wear many hats and have multiple responsibilities to juggle. Any organization, subset, or campaign you are part of will be accessible from your dashboard in a variety of places. At the top of your dashboard, you can quickly select which organization or subset you would like to view via the dropdown menu. On the left-hand side of your dashboard, you can select the top ‘campaigns’ tab and select which campaign you would like to view from the available options. We have designed this for your convenience to save the time of having to log in and out of multiple accounts.

If you have any questions on navigating through the dashboard, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

From the moment your campaign begins! We believe in full transparency and that is why we never hide any details about your sponsors transactions, and we do not wait until the end of a campaign to send you a report. Our technology updates in real time, so as soon as the transaction happens it is available for you to view. Beyond just the ‘total earned’ during a campaign, you are able to look into each individual transaction (if you want to) from the financials tab in your dashboard.

If you have any questions on navigating through the dashboard or where to find specific details, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.