Fun Raisen


Whether you are a parent, grandparent, colleague, friend, or extended family member of a participant, your sponsorship to their campaign is a vital part of the FunRaisen model! Anyone can show their support to the participant or the organization through our simple and secure sign up process!

The FunRaisen Difference

Here at FunRaisen, we believe that the most valuable gift to share is the gift of connection. Rather than purchasing items/products you may never use or blindly donating funds to an organization you’ve never heard of, our platform is set up so that you, the sponsor, get to share in the enjoyment of your participants’ challenges and actually get to see them in action. All sponsors, regardless of the amount donated, have access to their own private feed which allows them to see each challenge completed by the participant(s) they have sponsored.

Ways to Sponsor

Supporting your participant should not be a daunting task – that is why we have created quick and simple options for you. Either as part of your sign up process or once you have created an account and in your dashboard, you can choose exactly how you want to sponsor your participant.

Pledge Per Challenge

Our most popular option, pledging (promise per challenge completed) allows you to donate to your participant for each challenge they complete. Not only can you set the amount you’d like to pledge per challenge completed, you also have the option to set a maximum amount. Please check out our F.A.Q. for more details on ‘pledge per challenge’.

Flat Donation

Sponsors can make a flat donation either to the participant or direct to the organization. Making a flat donation to the participant also enables access to the feed so the sponsor is able to see all challenges the participant completes.
“Sponsors also now have the option of how they would like their name displayed to the participant. Sponsors can choose to either have their full name displayed, have a nickname displayed, have their donation appear in someone else’s name, or remain anonymous with their donation.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! When you initially sign up, it will prompt you to select a participant and walk you through the process of sponsorship. Once completed, you will be taken to your dashboard where all information will be available to you. On that dashboard you will find the participants tab which will allow you to sponsor additional participants or edit your initial sponsorship. For every participant you sponsor, their activity will show up in your feed on your home page so that you won’t miss a single post they make!

If you have any questions on navigating through the dashboard or where to find specific details, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

Not a problem at all. Whether you are looking to increase your pledge per challenge amount, decrease your pledge per challenge amount, or add/increase your flat donation; this can all be found in your dashboard. All changes made to your pledge per challenge amounts will only affect future challenges, not those already completed by the participant.

If you have any questions on how to edit your donation amount, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

If you prefer to make a donation directly to the organization/subset/campaign rather than to a participant, that is an available option to you either when registering, or once registered from your dashboard. You will still be able to see your donation amount and have the option of sponsoring a participant in your dashboard, but you will not see any participants challenges in your feed.

At this time, we do not allow the transfer of donations either from participant to participant or from campaign to participant. You have the ability to sponsor additional participants at any time or alter your donation about.

If you have made a donation in error or accidently sponsored the wrong participant, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

Upon setting your pledge per challenge donation, the option to set a maximum donation amount is available to you. We built in the maximum donation amount as a measure to ensure you are in fact only donating the amount you wish to contribute. Often times, our participants complete many more challenges than even they expected to, and as a supporter this may come as a shock when you see your donation total. If you decide to set a maximum amount, your pledge per challenge will apply to all challenges completed by the participant until your maximum has been met. For instance, if you sponsor your nephew for $5 per challenge and set your maximum amount to $75, this mean that after they have completed 15 challenges, you will no longer be donating per each challenge completed. You will still have full access to your feed to see all challenges that the participant completes. At any time you are able to either increase your maximum donation amount or lower your pledge per challenge.

Once the campaign has closed, we can no longer accept online donations. You will be able to see how much time is remaining for the campaign in your dashboard while the campaign is still live. If you have already donated during the course of the campaign and want to increase your donation with an additional flat donation, this is possible within your dashboard. Your early support in your participants campaign is highly suggested, as your contribution is a huge encouragement to their continued participation throughout the campaign.

Our main objective is to ensure that the organization’s fundraising goals are met! We encourage all sponsors to donate in whichever manner they feel the most comfortable, even if that means not utilizing our platform. If you do may a direct donation to the organization outside of FunRaisen, we are unfortunately unable to link that to a participant within our platform and you will not be updated within the feed of their challenges completed.

FunRaisen does not charge your card until the campaign of the participant you are sponsoring is considered closed. In the pledge per challenge model, participants are continually completing tasks over the course of time set by the admin for the campaign. Rather than have potentially dozens of micro charges to your card over the course of the campaign, we track all activity of the participant you sponsored and make a 1-time charge for the total donation amount at the end of the campaign. As an exception, when making a flat donation either to the participant or directly to the campaign, the card is charged at that time.

If you have any questions regarding payments or charges, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

At this time, the only method of payment for your donation on FunRaisen is via card payment. You card information can be collected either upon registration or within your dashboard when sponsoring a participant and can be changed at any time. With our pledge per challenge model, we do this to keep everything transparent for all parties and to save everyone the hassle that comes with keeping track of paper! If you prefer to donate via cash or check, we encourage you to contact your organization/subset directly and find the responsible party for handling those type of donations.

We have implemented a wide variety of security measures to ensure the safety of all your personal information when you make a donation on FunRaisen. All payment transactions are transmitted securely and then encrypted. FunRaisen does not have any access to any of your personal banking information and all payments are processed through Stripe. After a transaction, your private credit card information will NOT be stored on our servers.

Please be sure to check for an email from FunRaisen in your spam/junk folder. Due to the number of emails we send out, our messages often get lost or mistaken for spam and end up there. Please be sure to add us to your contacts to prevent this from happening in the future. If you have searched and are still unable to locate the email, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.

All information pertaining to your donation will also be available to you at all times in your dashboard. As we continue to develop our software, we will make this not only accessible to you, but downloadable/printable for your convenience.

If the organization you are donating to is a non-profit organization, your donation will usually be considered tax deductible. Please check with your participant or the organization itself to be absolutely certain of the organization’s status. You will need to acquire the federally issued 501c3 number of that organization and in most cases the IRS requires an official receipt on the organizations letterhead for single donations exceeding $250. FunRaisen does not require organizations to be a non-profit in order to run a campaign, and therefore do not issue receipts that can be used for tax purposes. This is not to be considered legal or tax advice and we recommend conferring with a professional for any questions regarding tax status.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your donation, please contact a FunRaisen representative via email at and we will gladly assist.