Fun Raisen


Your organization never pays a penny out of pocket to FunRaisen… EVER! It is completely free to get started and get your campaign off the ground! Our easy to understand pricing model allows your organization to earn the funds they need with absolutely zero risk or liability to you!

Earn more with FunRaisen

The whole point of running a fundraiser is to raise funds for YOUR organization! With 3 different streams of earning available, and the opportunity to keep up to 95% of the funds received, it’s never been easier to meet your fundraising goals!

Organization 100%Free

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The big question: How much?

FunRaisen will work with any organization to ensure that we are the #1 choice for your fundraising goals. There are never any hidden fees, processing costs, locked features or subscriptions you need to purchase!

Pledge Per Challenge

“Donation net amount: up to 85%”
“Pledge per challenge is the amount a sponsor donates for each challenge that a participant completes”

Flat Donation

Donation net amount: up to 95%
“Flat donation is a one time donation either direct to the participant or organization”


Donation net amount: up to 80%
“Follow-up is handled by FunRaisen and is an amount donated by the sponsor to either the participant or organization on top of either their pledge per challenge or flat donation”

Frequently Asked Questions

There are absolutely no start-up start up fees, subscriptions to purchase, or features to pay to unlock to begin a FunRaisen campaign. Nothing ever comes out of pocket from the organization or from the admin to begin raising funds. Rather, we charge a percentage of the funds received at the end of your campaign.

FunRaisen also covers all transaction and processing fees for incoming funds from your campaign’s raise.

For more information or to discuss a custom plan for your organization, please contact us at and a representative will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

After your campaign is complete, you may be leaving funds on the table simply by not asking for them. FunRaisen follows through with sponsors on your behalf to collect those funds and deliver them to you. With every sponsor who chooses to donate to a participant, we make a single follow up call to maximize your fundraiser. On average, this increases your campaign’s total raise by $8 per sponsor!

Here is an example of how that works: Judy is a participant in her high school volleyball team’s campaign and one of her sponsors is her Aunt Barbara. Barbara pledged $2 per task completed and Judy completed 36 tasks… raising $72 for the campaign. FunRaisen will, on behalf of the organization or subset, reach out to Barbara to not only thank her for the generous donation, but ask if she perhaps would like to round that amount up to let’s say $80 even, and help the volleyball team reach or exceed their initial goal. Our fully trained, well spoken, and local FunRaisen team does this for you!

This service is included with all campaigns. If your organization or subset would prefer not to utilize this service, please let your FunRaisen representative know before the conclusion of your campaign.

Funds will be sent via paper check. The FunRaisen representative who will be assisting you throughout the campaign will have confirmed all details pertaining to your payment information prior to the end of your campaign (organization name to be put on check, mailing address…etc).

If you would like to receive your funds in another form (e.g., ACH transfer/direct deposit…etc) we are more than happy to accommodate! Please let your FunRaisen representative know which method works best for you and your organization and we will get the necessary details from you prior to the close of your campaign.

We work to process all funds within 30 days of your campaign end date. This time frame allows us to receive follow up funds from sponsors, process any holds from the sponsors payments, and ensure your organization is receiving the full amount due to them in a single payment. The check will be mailed to the address discussed with your FunRaisen representative during your active campaign.

Admins will be able to track the status of their payment in their dashboard or can receive updates from their representative at any time.

Any money raised is raised on behalf of the organization and made payable to that entity. The individual who has created the organization/subset/campaign is able to facilitate the money on behalf of the organization/subset but is not taxed as income to the individual. This is not to be considered legal or tax advice and we recommend conferring with a professional for any questions regarding tax status.