Fun Raisen

Why Us

As the original challenge-based fundraising platform, FunRaisen has helped countless organizations not only exceed their goals, but make their fundraising experience something to look forward to!

Our mission

“At FunRaisen, our mission is to ensure a unique, engaging and successful fundraising experience for everyone involved. We believe that your fundraiser should NOT be a chore for the person running the campaign, should NOT be a sales job for those participating, and should NOT be an annoyance for those contributing. We offer organizations a fun, active, and secure platform to not only meet, but to exceed their financial goals!”


“Our biggest core value here at FunRaisen is connection. If we have learned anything over the past couple years, it is that being able to connect with those you love; your friends, your family, the people you normally surround yourself with, is an invaluable and underappreciated luxury. Every aspect of the FunRaisen platform is built with this in mind. Our participant challenges encourage connection with community, friends, and activities both new and undiscovered. By completing those challenges, sponsors get to share in and enjoy those experiences with their participants. Everyone involved with the organization’s campaign is connected through the shared goal and effort of a successful fundraiser. We believe that connection is the key!”

“What’s the difference?”

The most common question we receive is “what makes you different from all the other fundraising companies out there?” For starters, we are the original challenge based fundraising company! No need to force your participants to sell candy or gift wrap, no keeping track of how many times they walk around a field or how many pages they read, no silent auctions or difficult to create webpages, and no constant reminders on asking for a donation. Our ‘challenges’ are fun, engaging, and entertaining, and encourage your participants to actually want to be a part of the fundraiser! Additionally, with all of our methods for raising funds included with your campaign, organizations are able to earn and keep more of the money they raise! On top of that, we’ve developed our platform with the most cutting edge and secure technology. All information pertaining to your campaign is updated in real time and there is no lag or delay with any action within our platform, and all data is protected and never sold to any third-party. Organizations also have a dedicated FunRaisen representative that works with them to make sure their campaign is a success and their goals are achieved! So, what’s the FunRaisen difference?… EVERYTHING!”

“Our Story”

In 2019, our founder, Anthony, sought a way to disrupt the fundraising industry. As a parent, coach, and former ptsa treasurer, there were multiple times a year where he found himself doing the ‘same old thing’ to try and raise the necessary funds for the organizations he was a part of. “I would consistently find myself pushing my children to be salespeople to try and reach their fundraising goals. My coworkers and friends would be selling things on behalf of their children to reach those goals. The kids I coached viewed our fundraising as a chore or inconvenience. Something needed to change!”

Taking the combined experiences of over a decade in fundraising, the goal became to uncover what was truly missing in this space. After consulting with fundraising experts, former ptsa members and educators, and parents and other coaches, the overwhelming consensus was clear. Fundraising was no longer fun, for anyone involved. As conversations continued, the goal became to find what was missing in this space. Administrators wanted something that was easy to use and would bring their participants together. Participants wanted something they could actually enjoy and could do with their friends and family. Sponsors wanted to feel close to the people the were donating to, and to share in the joy of a successful campaign. The missing link couldn’t have been more clear… connection! 

As development began and ideas and concepts were being put together, 2020 rolled in and connection became more important than ever! Social distancing and isolation became the new norm and quality time with loved ones became a luxury. Our team pushed even harder to make FunRaisen a reality focusing on our core values and making every aspect of our platform fit the needs of those involved. 

As we crossed in to 2021, the idea of FunRaisen became a reality. Our platform combined the connection we all craved with the fundraising possibilities organizations needed. As we continue to push forward to disrupt the industry and change the negative connotations associated with modern day fundraising, we encourage and accept any and all feedback received to help propel our platform. FunRaisen was built to ensure inclusivity to all participants regardless of background, interest, or skillsets. We are thrilled to have come this far and look forward to all the things to come!

“Interested in learning more or getting your fundraiser started?”