Fun Raisen

Bringing the Fun back to fundraising!

FunRaisen is built to ensure that your fundraising campaign is not only quick, safe, and successful… but most importantly that is enjoyable and memorable for all those involved!

An Interactive, socially connected experience:

Not your average fundraising platform – we believe that connection and communication are key components to a successful campaign for any organization looking to reach or exceed their goals. Built with that in mind, FunRaisen focuses on whats important; fun experiences that are shared with donors, social connection that keeps participants engaged, and a unique interactive platform that is inclusive for anyone looking to reach their fundraising goals.

How It Works

We’ve done the hard work for you! Our simple to understand and easy to navigate technology takes just a few quick clicks to go from “getting started” to “getting funds!

Campaign created

Admin creates a customized campaign specific to their fundraising needs

Sponsors invited

Participants invite sponsors to pledge to their campaign for each challenge completed

Challenges completed

Participants will complete fun and unique challenges in a variety of categories and share their experiences.

Funds awarded

After a successful campaign, funds are quickly delivered to the organization.

Participation categories include:

Participants have the option to complete challenges in a variety of categories. To see a view examples from each category, click an option below.

Earn more using FunRaisen

Fully customizable donation and payment forms that place your organization front and center – no coding required. Quick and easy to set up, and even simpler to use, you can customize everything from the language down to the amounts shown to the supporter.

  • No upfront or startup costs, ever!
  • Multiple way to earn and receive funds!
  • Keep up to 95% of funds received!
  • FunRaisen pays all transaction fees!

Safety and security are a top priority

We take your privacy very seriously. FunRaisen never shares your information with any 3rd parties and perform above all COPPA guidelines. Participant challenge experiences are only shared and accessible to those personally invited by the participant.

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